Somalis have a saying which goes, “NABAD IYO CAANO” (PEACE AND MILK or PEACE AND PROSPERITY). Security is one of the pillars of development and governance. Without peace and security there will be no rule of law or development hence the need to uphold our security. Maintaining our security should not be the responsibility any particular one group, political or which serves the personal interests. Therefore, to establish unflinching peace and security, we need to create A NATIONAL SECURITY COMMISSION, which shall in turn be working directly with the the future House of Elders (GOLAHA GUURTIDA).

Please click this link if you want to see the responsibility & requirements of the future Golaha Guurtida (House of elders):


  • City Safety Committee, selected by the residents of each community.
  • Municipality: Mayor and City Councilors.
  • Ministry of Interior, Regional Governors, and Police officials (Districts).
  • Chiefs and Elder (Rural Areas).

To implement these points, the law regulates this agency should be created and passed.