About Us

ISBAHAYSIGA MUWADINIYIINTA SOMALILAND – Somaliland Citizens Alliance (Somaliland-First) is a movement that comprises members of Somaliland citizens and Somaliland intellectuals within the Republic of Somaliland and the diaspora. The members above of the movement would like to see these proposals implemented for the nation’s development.

The vision the ISBAHAYSIGA (Somaliland-First) would like to achieve are:

  • The Republic of Somaliland to gain statehood among the international community.
  • The citizens of the nation to be united and to be proactive in the development of Somaliland.
  • The Republic of Somaliland to be a nation of its citizens first and foremost. Also for the citizens to be able to receive equal justice, peace, and prosperity.

First of all, some people who live in Europe and North America may associate the idea of the country-first to some hate organizations. However, ISBAHAYSIGA (Somaliland-First) comes from a place of LOVE. One has to love him/her self, then family, then country. We all need good healthcare, education, jobs, and housing. The country develops when everyone contributes.

Secondly, the vision of Somaliland-First is not about individuals who are looking for a power or wealth, nor a tribe who is looking to become dominate, but it is all of us together as one. The vision or proposal of Somaliland-First is to build a strong base. The government is like a building, and if the base is weak, eventually it will collapse.

Finally, if you are Somaliland citizen who wants Somaliland to be the shining star of Africa and beyond, then we are asking you to support this proposal and demand your politicians to support and implement these ten points to become the law of the land.

If you have any ideas, questions, and concerns, please feel free to contact us.