“Bismillahi Raxmani Raxiim.”


In the previous year, 2023, there was an event in the country where traditional elders decided how Political Organizations and Parties would contest the next election.

The Traditional Elders’ decision, which subsequently proposed interjectory measures and addressed the quagmire deadlock of the electoral processes, was only temporary.

It is incomprehensible that we should depend on archaic means of traditional leaders’ intervention whenever politicians are in conflict to address simple legal aspects of procedural governance.

Unfortunately, the system of government we have been building for the past thirty-two (32) years has been returned to square one—the place where it all started, where the traditional elders decided the inception of the country’s government. The democratic processes were supposed to transform gradually through constitutional means.

The decisions of the traditional leaders overrode those of the Supreme Court, the Electoral Commission, and the Presidency’s signatory. This means that our form of government is not as proactive as it should be.

For such a scenario to occur such that the traditional oligarchy takes precedence over standard procedural governance can be attributed to the three national political parties, which have more or less become tribally based. Furthermore, their leadership has deemed it fit to exploit the tribal tendencies and inclinations to remain afloat for their interests to be served, hence having tribal enclaves instead of a national state.

It should be understood that they (party leaders) cannot lead the nation with such a mentality. Still, they ought to make the political parties all-inclusive and have a national outlook by fostering cohesive and solid unity amongst the populace.

The country does not belong to presidential candidates nor political party leaders’ self-entitlements; it belongs to the people of Somaliland.

Against this background, the time is ripe for the people to establish a government serving the national interest.

The presidential candidates should know that the people are free to think and vote for candidates who represent their interests.

We (As Somalilanders) do not want to be a country of two people contesting for power (a seat) to destroy it, such as Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan.

  1. Somalia: After the fall of the Said Bare regime, Ali Mahdi and Aydiid fought for power, which is why Somalia ended up where it is.
  2. South Sudan President Salvakir and Vice President Riek Majar fought for power, and 50,000 civilians died, and 2.3 million were displaced.
  3. A/fatax Al-Burhani and Vice President Mohamed Handan Dagalo (HEMETI) are fighting for power in Sudan. And
  4. We don’t want Musa and Abdirahman to cause a fight in our country.

On the other hand, “Mr. Gala-Dagalku” is everywhere, and we must prevent a person like that from destroying our country.

In this election, we must avoid these individuals:

  1. A greedy traditional elder who became a politician.
  2. A greedy politician who is empty, talkative, and does not believe anything.
  3. A wealthy individual who wants to steal national wealth and thinks he can buy voters (People).


Democracy is based on TRUST. The party you support is your democratic right; hence, if you are ideologically opposed to it, it should not be interpreted as adversely detrimental to you or your tribe. This antagonism is a wrong mentality that has to stop. We ought to accept and acknowledge whenever a competing political party triumphs.

The problem is that hate sets in when a political party is seen or viewed as evil, hostile, or despicable. Hence, even if such a party triumphs, it will still be considered despicably by those who are antagonistic and never voted for it; thence, ways and means of bringing down its governance will take precedence, which could be catastrophic. That is how upheavals and civil wars are fermented, may God forbid.

Since the national political parties have failed to shed off tribal inclinations, it will be difficult for the country to have lasting peace, equal justice, and a shared economy. Tribal belligerents will always bog down the party or the winning candidate because the mandate to govern will constantly be undermined.

Therefore, to achieve progress, precarious and sensitive issues, such as peace, justice, and a sustainable economy, should be a shared responsibility for the public and the government.

We need a system of government to guide us on the right path of governance, and the right path of governance has these attributes: –

  1. Peace, in which the People and the Government share their responsibility.
  2. Independent justice is independent from the executive branch of government.
  3. A sustainable economy with counsel of economic experts and a government that can implement their recommendations.

This article presents the Somaliland Citizens Alliance named “SOMALILAND FIRST” or “SOMALILAND-KOW”.

The purpose and the vision of SOMALILAND FIRST is based on the following: –

  1. To unify the nation. And
  2. To implement a government system in Somaliland that leads to peace, justice, and a shared economy.


A) Politicians want power (seat) and position and will do anything to get it.

B) What are the people’s aspirations?

The last thing concerning the people’s most basic needs is their prosperity and protecting their lives from tribal-minded politicians eager for power.

– What we (the people) want is a good livelihood. And life exists where there is peace, justice, and economic growth.

– Life is found when we are at peace with each other.

– In retro respect, the politicians do not seize power by force, but they ascend (or will ascend) to offices through our vote, which we should, henceforth, cast wisely; we should only vote for those who have the interests of the people and the nation at heart.


Somaliland has never had problems other than its political leadership. Since the 1960s, our politicians have not grown up from putting their interests ahead of the nation.

– The contentions between our politicians in the 1960s gave us the legacy in whose doldrums we are rolling in today since discarding our independence and handing it over unconditionally. Ironically, we are begging the international community to recognize us again 63 years later.

– The illegal union of Somalia and the resulting government was initially seemingly democratic, albeit marked by tribalism and misgovernance. This was taken advantage of by the dictator Siad Barre, who later perpetrated genocide against the people of Somaliland.

Therefore, to take advantage of the mistakes of the Somali government in the sixties (1960), the Somaliland political parties are limited to three national parties. However, the three current National Parties have tilted towards tribalism and used the same tribalism to divide the nation. This nation has been cherishing and maintaining peace for thirty-two (32) years and is being messed up with and on the verge of disintegration.

To our chagrin, we are rebelling today atop the mountains and massacring the peacekeeping forces. Suppose we do not end the recurring political conflicts without finding a solution. In that case, it will mean that we will kill many people amongst ourselves, the cities that we have rebuilt will be destroyed again, and the wealth that we stressfully acquired will be destroyed once more.


The people of Somaliland, concerned about their country and their people, must unite to build a government that will lead us to lasting peace, justice, and tangible development.

Here we present the way to get out of the stage we are in;


“Anyone who disturbs peace should be sent to a secluded island.”

Tribal-minded politicians should not be responsible for the nation’s security. It should be a concerted effort by the public and the government.

A study should be conducted on how to implement lasting peace in the country by learning from the countries that have implemented such peace in their lands, such as Rwanda.

Rwanda is a small country in Africa that has succeeded in bringing together the two ethnic groups living together despite the 1994 genocide perpetrations. At the same time, Rwanda has become a notable country in terms of security and stability in Africa.

 Security Commission

First, the Peace Alliance (Isbahaysiga-Nabada) should be selected. It should consist of at least 150 intellectuals who are not politicians and will be responsible for assisting the government in security matters. The people who will be part of this council should be selected from the grassroots level, either by their districts or their tribes. We (as people) will decide which grassroots level is better representation now – districts or tribes.

The person selected for the Peaceful Alliance (Isbahaysiga-Nabada) should meet the criteria for honesty, love for the country, work for the peace and unity of the Somaliland people, and scrupulousness.

The first task of this council is to create a Road Map (National Convention) for the country’s security, which contains essential articles and rules for implementing Security.

When the Road Map is adopted, the members of the Peace Alliance will select 15 members of the Peace Commission from Somaliland communities. The main task of this commission is to implement the Road Map, to keep the peace, and to deal with those who breach peaceful stability with an iron hand.

Since we have not moved away from the tribal system, the tribes should be represented equally in the Peace Alliance (Isbahaysiga-Nabada) and the commissions that manage security and essential areas such as justice and economic development.

The Road Map (National Charter): Basic Points of Security.


The Army Forces are the highest body maintaining peace, so they must not get involved in tribal politics. They must be a disciplined and united Army, united in the defense of the Nation. On the other hand, the Army should be an Army that works for the Nation and not an Army that works for politicians or for politicians to misuse. The communities of the country should be represented fairly. Therefore, there should be an Armed Forces commission whose duties should be the army’s care, training, and rewards (or promotions).


This commission’s tasks are to evaluate and train police forces and simultaneously address their needs. Our police force needs to be trained to improve their knowledge. This Commission will review the country’s security twice a year.


We need to end the recurrent tribal wars, and we should not let people die meaningless. Therefore, if civil unrest occurs outside the cities (rural areas), the National Security Commission, in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Police, and the Military forces, should end the ensuing incident and swiftly bring those who committed these acts before the law.


Each district should have a security Committee in charge of its security. The committee should meet twice a year to review the district’s security. The Security Council should be tangibly diligent and NOT THE CURRENT NOMINALLY DESCRIPTIVE ONE.


The task of the District Security Committees includes ensuring that the district Police Force is efficient and works for the people of the district. The committee should also listen to the people’s complaints so that the police do not violate the rights given by the Constitution to the citizens.


Each city neighborhood should set up its neighborhood police, and they should work with the City Police,


The National Security Commission should set up two courts representing the Eastern and Western regions. These courts should impose speedy sentences on those who disturb the peace.


The judgments of these Courts cannot be interfered with by the Chiefs, Sultans, Sheikhs, and ministers. Anyone interfering with the court’s judgment should be subject to the law. Somaliland should be a country where everyone has equal justice under the law.


The other task of the National Security Commission or the districts is to educate the public and caution them about the consequences of undermining stability.


Whoever commits premeditated murder (first-degree murder) must be sentenced to death or life in prison.

The person who committed such murder has committed a crime against the entire nation. So, he has to lose his freedom to live among us. As a result, if he/she is not killed, he/she should be sentenced to life in prison.

If someone who commits such murder is released to the public, it is tantamount to giving such a person a license to kill; hence, security can never be fully secured.

Also, anyone who disturbs the nation’s security should be put in a completely secluded prison, e.g., in the Sacaadadiin or Ceebada Islands.

Recurrent controversies and conflicts

The continuous extension of the President’s term, which has since trended, always disturbs the country’s peace. Therefore, a sitting president should not have even a day added to his/her tenure.

So, too, should extensions not be made to the tenures of both the legislative and civic councils.

As a result, the article of the Constitution in the country on the extension of the term of the President and the Council should be amended (Constitutional Amendment) to address this issue.

If the presidential election cannot be held, a caretaker government should be established, and the term of the interim government should not exceed six months. We (as people) should decide what type of caretaker government we should have and what duties and functions it will perform until the regular government is elected.


“Equal justice for all”

Just like security, tribal-minded politicians should not be responsible for the Judicial Department.

A study should be made on implementing knowledge-based justice. After the study, a complete Road Map (National Convention) should be created to define justice management provisions in/of the country and an independent Commission to oversee the Judicial Department.

Justice Commission

Like the Alliance for Peace (Isbahaysiga-Nabada), the Alliance for Justice (Isbahaysiga Cadaalada) should essentially be constituted. The people to be selected should be among the people who know the law (legal experts) or people who have good knowledge of justice. Scholars who are not politicians, those with the interests of the country’s justice, should be selected.

The Alliance for Justice (Isbahaysiga Cadaalada) should first review and study the country’s judiciary and create a Roadmap for its implementation.

When the Road Map is adopted, the members of the Justice Alliance (Isbahaysiga Cadaalada) will select 15 members of the Justice Commission who will implement it to improve the nation’s justice.

Road Map: Basic points of JUSTICE:


The task of the Justice Commission should include preparing the Department of Justice’s budget and submitting it directly to the Ministry of Finance and the House of Representatives for approval.

If we want the Judiciary Department to be independent, its financial management should be independent, and the Government should not manage the salaries of the Judges or the Judiciary.


Each region should have an office representing the Justice Commission, which listens to the people’s complaints of injustices.


One of the main tasks of this commission is to evaluate and train judges, prosecutors, and Department o Justice employees so that they can produce skilled and qualified employees. They should review the country’s justice twice a year.


Judgments of Courts should not be interfered with by public officials, Chiefs, Sultans, Sheikhs, Ministers, or the President. Anyone who tries to interfere with any court ruling should face the law. Somaliland should be a country where NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW.


The Commission should review the types of courts we need.


Constitutional courts should establish which interpret, protect, and enforce the country’s constitution. Therefore, the court’s decisions must be based on the Constitution and the country’s Law. This court will not be an ‘arbitration court.’


” A shared government (Dawlada la wada leeyahay) is only possible when the country’s wealth is also shared.”

To develop the country’s economy, we must bring together economic experts. At the same time, we should learn from prosperous countries that have developed economies and led their nations to prosperity and better lives, like Botswana and Singapore.

For example, Botswana is a landlocked country in Africa. It gained independence from the British on September 30, 1966. It was the second poorest country in the world when it gained independence, but today, it is one of the fastest-growing economies.

A complete Road Map (National Convention) should be created to define the rules for managing the country’s economy and establish an independent commission.

The existence of Somaliland will be gravely in danger if the economy does not grow and does not create jobs for people, especially for the youth.

Economic Commission

Just like the Alliance for Peace (Isbahaysiga-Nabada) and Justice Alliance (Isbahaysiga-Cadaalada), the Economic Alliance (Isbahaysiga-Dhaqaalaha) should be similarly selected in such parameters. The people to be chosen should consist of those with good knowledge of economics, and it should not be the politicians who have a sense of entitlement.

Thus, the Economic Alliance (Isbahaysiga-Dhaqaalaha) should first review and study how to promote the country’s economy and overcome the economic challenges.

When the Road Map is adopted, the members of the Economic Alliance (Isbahaysiga Dhaqaalaha) will select 15 members of the Economic Commission, whose main task is to improve the country’s economy.

This commission aims to create a sustainable economy and keep the country’s economy as intended. It is working to overcome the obstacles to economic growth and promote an economy whose growth is felt at all levels of society. At the same time, it encourages the country’s economic integration and gives people equal economic opportunities.

In addition, this commission will protect the wealth of the public and businesses. Ensure compliance with laws and regulations and pay the taxes they owe. Furthermore, the commission must safeguard public properties against plunders.

Road Map: The main points of ECONOMIC GROWTH:


Anything hindering the economy’s growth should be removed so Somaliland becomes a business-friendly country.


Review, approve, and implement laws that regulate economic growth, such as those governing Investment, Commercial Banking, Insurance, Corporate organizations, Etc.


Somaliland Development Bank should be established. This bank should study and implement the necessary projects for the country and then distribute shares that people can buy.


Participation in cooperation projects that a single person cannot afford or that are not suitable for a single person (or a company) to own should be encouraged.


A Stock Market and the governing body should be created.


A country can progress when it improves the knowledge of its people (Human Capital).


A Commercial court should be created to render judgments quickly.

A united people and country can only be achieved when everyone has equal access to the commonwealth and economic opportunity. Then, peace will be found with standing feet and a truly united government.


  1. Central Bank.
  2. Revenue collection agency.
  3. Land Management Agency.
  4. Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Agency.
  5. Employment Agency.
  6. Business regulatory Agencies.
  7. Auditor General.
  8. National Contracting Authority.
  9. A Review committee for international contracts should be created. This committee should have knowledge and experience of international laws. Its task should be to protect the interests of the nation and its people; therefore, before the government signs any contracts, this committee should review them.

The Alliance for Peace, Justice, and Economics members should meet twice yearly to review those commissioners’ performance. If anyone doesn’t fulfill his/her task, they should replace them.


While we defend our country, support our brave army, put our differences aside, and confront distracters, we ought to implement a system of governance that will lead to lasting Peace, Justice, and Prosperity.

It is said that “bad people are the cause of bad government.” Bad people are usually egotistic, selfish, and self-interested individuals.

On the other hand, just as no nation is all bad, no community is all bad. Every community has bad and good people. A lousy government occurs when the wrong people in the community run the nation, and the good people are sidelined.

A good government can be found when the righteous leader is elected and implements the right government system.

In other words, all who advocate righteousness must ally and boldly expose wrongdoers, naysayers, disruptors, and distracters to benefit the people, the nation, and posterity.

One sign of evil people is their opposition to unifying the nation and correcting the government system.

Politicians assume office through the people’s ballots; therefore, we must not vote for those who will IMPEDEMENT goodness, peace, justice, and development.

As for such political leaders who are against a harmonious and cohesive nation, we should all UNITE AGAINST THEM and deny them a chance to be our leaders because we want righteous ones only who have the interests of the people at heart.

If the traditional elders made it compulsory for the politicians to listen, then the people united and voting should make it compulsory for them to listen and implement the vision of Somaliland First.

So, it is up to the people of Somaliland to show that ‘THEY OWN THE COUNTRY’ and cry for ‘ideas to correct the ERRORS IN THE COUNTRY’; otherwise, it will be to their detriment.


If you are a SOMALILAND CITIZEN who LOVES his/her country, we ask you to join us so that we can save our country from losing its nationalism again. Let us implement a form of government in our country that our people have been waiting for a long time.

These articles can be found on the website (English version) or (Somali language). If you want to join the Alliance (Somaliland-First), you can complete a registration form on the website.