Eng. Mohamed Hashi Elmi is one of Somaliland’s most well-known politicians, and has actively been involved in Somaliland politics over the last three decades. Eng. Mohamed Hashi Elmi was one of the founders of SNM (Somali National Movement).

Eng. Mohamed Hashi Elmi is one of the few Somaliland politicians know for his honesty, trustworthiness, good management and transparent.

Eng. Mohamed Hashi Elmi has held many government positions, such as:

  1. Mayor of Hargaysa City, The Capital of Somaliland Republic
  2. Minister of Commerce and Industry.
  3. Minister of Finance.

Mr. Elmi;

The members of this Coalition of DAN-QARAN ‘Somaliland First’ have worked tirelessly to carefully put together historic ideas to help move the future of the nation in the right direction. Mr. Elmi, we humbly ask you to consider these ideas that are in the best interest for our nation and its citizens. The most important ideas and proposals put together by the Coalition of DAN-QARAN ‘Somaliland First’ will prioritize:

  • For The Republic of Somaliland to gain statehood among the international community.
  • For the citizens of the nation to be united and to be proactive in the development of Somaliland.
  • For The Republic of Somaliland to be a nation of its citizens first and foremost. Also for the citizens to be able to receive equal justice, peace, and prosperity.

Mr. Elmi, the Coalition of DAN-QARAN ‘Somaliland First’ movement are comprised of citizens and intellectuals within the Republic of Somaliland and the diaspora. The aforementioned members of the movement would like to see the ideas and proposals implemented towards the nations development.

The implementation of the ideas and proposals made by the Coalition of DAN-QARAN ‘Somaliland First’ will need sincere intellectuals who are dedicated in seeing the Republic of Somaliland reach its full potential. We are here for any support along the way.

Mr. Elmi, we are asking you to support us, so that our nation and its people will achieve these above goals.

Thank you.

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