A Somali’s saying which says: “RAG CADAALAD WAAYAY SIDII CAWSHA KALA YAAC” (MEN WHO ARE SUBJECTED TO INJUSTICE SCATTER LIKE ANTELOPES), or “No Justice No Peace”. The judiciary should be independent from government and politician’s interference. Therefore, to build a justice the public can trust, we should create a COMMISSION OF JUSTICE, which works with the future GOLAHA GUURTIDA (House of elders).

Please click this link if you want to see the responsibility & requirements of the future Golaha Guurtida (House of elders): https://www.somalilandfirst.com/reforming-somaliland/house-of-elders/

The task of this commission should be:

    • Training the staff of the Justice department; Judges, Attorney Generals, etc.
    • Demanding the employees of the justice department to earn deserving salaries.
    • To implement the judgment of the courts, by working with the future-GOLAHA GUURTIDA. And
    • Finally, the public will file their complaints if justice isn’t served.

To implement these points, the Article of the Constitution that address Justice should be amended.