MP Maxamed Axmed Maxamuud Dhakool

Xildhiban Maxamed Axmed Maxamuud Dhakool

Political Party:

Region: Sool

Mr. Xildhiban;


The Somaliland-First is grass-root movement with members from the Somaliland patriotic and intellectuals. The goal of this movement is to see Somaliland to become a great nation. And the vision of Somaliland-First is combined 10 points which we believe the nation needs to adapt, and to execute them. These 10 points will lead Somaliland:-


  • A full international recognition
  • People of Somaliland will become a nation united for development and united against their enemies.
  • The politics and wealth of this nation will be equally share for the People of Somaliland, and this will lead every one to get justice, peace and prosperity.

Therefore, Mr. Xildhiban we are asking you to support this important movement and pass amendments that will make these 10 points the law of the land. If you help to achieve these points then your kids and their kids will appreciate you and the nation will be on the right path forward.

Mr. Xildhiban, people of Somaliland has chosen you, so either you lead them or they will replace you.

Thank you very much.

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