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  • Somalis have a saying which goes, NABAD IYO CAANO (or PEACE AND MILK). Security is one of the pillars of development and governance. Without peace and security there will be no rule of law or development hence the need to uphold our security. Maintaining our security should not be the responsibility any particular one group, political or which serves the personal interests. Therefore, in order to establish unflinching peace and security, we need to create A NATIONAL SECURITY COMMISSION, which shall in turn be working directly with the House of Elders (GOLAHA GUURTIDA). NATIONAL SECURITY COMMISSION WILL CONSISTS: - - City Safety Committee, selected by the residents of each community. - Municipality: Mayor and City Councilors. - Military officers in the towns where they are based. - Ministry of Interior, Regional Governors, and Police officials (Districts). - Chiefs and Elder (Rural Areas). To implement these points, the law regulates this agency should be created and passed.
  • A Somali’s saying which says: “RAG CADAALAD WAAYAY SIDII CAWSHA KALA YAAC” (MEN WHO ARE SUBJECTED TO INJUSTICE SCATTER LIKE ANTELOPES), or “No Justice No Peace”. Now, the judiciary should be independent from government and politician’s interferences. Therefore, to build a justice the public can trust, we should create a COMMISSION OF JUSTICE, which works with the future GOLAHA GUURTIDA (House of elders). Task of this committee should be: • Training the staff of the Justice department; Judges, Attorney Generals, etc. • Demanding the employees of the justice department to earn deserving salaries. • To implement the judgment of the courts, by working with the GOLAHA GUURTIDA and the House of Representatives. And • Finally, the public will file their complaints if justice isn’t served. To implement these points, the Article of the Constitution that address Justice should be amended.
  • Economy is one of the basic pillars of sustainability and essential tool for the development. Therefore, we should create a committee consisting of panel of experts to develop a strong economy. The task of this committee should be: • Create Investment Bank (or Somaliland Development Bank). A Bank that will be responsible for doing assessment and implementation of projects which the country needs, and distribute shares to those willing to buy them. These projects shall include: Berbera cement factory; Implementing power plans; Implementation and modernizing Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock husbandry; establishing small factories such as flour, pasta, and etc. • And also the law regulates this agency should be created and passed. • Creating/encourage Somaliland Cooperation; to fulfill projects that one individual can’t. • Approval / Implementation of the investment and the economy Acts. • Approval / Implementation Commercial Banks Act. • Approval / Implementation of Trade, Insurance, corporate Acts.
  • The Somaliland constitution was drafted during a fragile time when most citizens were living in refugee camps and foreign countries. However, the document is still a draft, and it needed to be completed. As a result, the committee should consist panel of experts which re-examine the Constitution. The constitution must be overhauled so as to overcome the existing contradictory factors and barriers to the development of the country.
  • The members of the future GOLAHA GUURTIDA should be selected body from Somaliland intellectuals, and he/she should be an independent and not affiliate with any political party. The Article of the Constitution that address GOLAHA GUURTIDA (The House of Elders) should be amended, especially the clauses that deals with how we elect them, and the function of this Institution. THE POWERS OF THE HOUSE OF ELDERS: A) GOLAHA GUURTIDA (house of elders) should countercheck the balance and power of the government (Executive Branch) and the House of Representatives (or politicians) to protect and uphold the constitution and the law. B) They should review and approve every bill forwarded to them by the House of Representatives. C) They should give special consideration to every bill which the House the Representatives fails to approve. If for instance the 2/3 of GOLAHA GUURTIDA approve a bill, then it should become a law D. The members of the GOLAHA GUURTIDA should consult with the Somaliland think-thanks and intellectuals. THESE INDEPENDENT COMMISSIONS SHOULD FALLING UNDER THE JURIDSCATION OF THE HOUSE OF ELDERS : - • • NATIONAL SECURITY COMMISSION. • COMMISSION OF JUSTICE. • MEDIA COMMISSION. • TENDER BOARD COMMISSION. • GOOD GOVERANCE AND ANTI CORRUPTION COMMISSION. THESE STATE AGENCIES/PARASTALS SHOULD ALSO FALL UNDER THE JURIDSCATION OF THE HOUSE OF ELDERS : • OFFICE OF AUDITOR GENERAL. • AGENCY OF TAXES COLLECTIONS AND ENFOCEMENT. • AGENCY CIVIL SERVANT. • CENTRAL BANK.
  • Somaliland embraces democracy, and our Political Parties should practice democracy among themselves. Therefore, the Law Regulates Political Parties should be appended in order to make sure political organization belong to voters/citizens hence the need to include the following: 1) The chairman and deputy of political organizations should not vie for the party’s Presidential candidateship. Or he/she should resign his post one year before election are held. 2) Supporters of each political party should register, and these supporters should select delegates of their political party. Therefore, the political party’s delegates should be selecting the Party’s central committee, local council candidates, MPs and as well as Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates.
  • People will be willing to pay tax, when they trust the government. Therefore, we should create an independent TREASURY DEPARTMENT, which works with the future GOLAHA GUURTIDA (House of elders). The basic functions of the Treasury Department are: • Collecting taxes for the Central government and the local governments. • Managing Governments accounts and the public debt. • Managing governments finances. • Enforcing tax laws, and • Investigating and prosecuting tax evaders. Tax rates should be reasonable, and modern tax collection system should be utilized. The law regulates this agency should be created and passed by both houses.
  • The public should trust the government employees and when the government employees are being hired, it should be based on merit. Therefore, we should create an independent civil service commission or Human resource management, which works with the future GOLAHA GUURTIDA (House of elders). The basic functions of the Civil Service Agency are: • Training and capacity building for civil servants. • Demanding public employees to earn deserving salaries. • Hiring and sacking of employee. • Establishing working time, and should be from 7 Am – 2:00 Pm. • The law regulates this agency should be created and passed.
  • A) LOCAL GOVERNMENT. The local governments should be reformed, by • The Mayor and Deputy Mayor should be directly elected by citizens. • The number of councilmen should be reduce. THE SELF-MANAGMENT LAW OF THE REGIONS AND DISTRICTS (XEERKA ISMAAMULKA GOBALADDA IYO DEGMOOYINKA XEER LR23) SHOULD BE REVIEWED AND FIXED B) CENTRAL GOVERNMENT: The executive branch (OR CENTRAL GOVERMENT) should have a SLIM CABINET. The cabinet should not exceed 15 Ministers, 5 Presidential advisors and 30 Director Generals. No need for Deputy Ministers and State Ministers. And the law regulates the government cabinet, and limits its size should be created and passed by both houses.
  • This commission will consist traditional elders, and its main task is to assist the government about the security issues at the rural areas.

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