Economy is one of the basic pillars of sustainability and essential tool for the development. So a committee consisting of panel of experts should develop a strong economy. The task of this committee should be:

    • Create Investment Bank (or Somaliland Development Bank). A Bank that will be responsible for doing assessment and implementation of projects which the country needs, and distribute shares to those willing to buy them. These projects shall include: Berbera cement factory; Implementing power plans; Implementation and modernizing Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock husbandry; establishing small factories such as flour, pasta, and etc.
    • And also the law regulates this agency should be created and passed.
    • Creating/encourage Somaliland Cooperation; to fulfill projects that one individual can’t.
    • Approval / Implementation of the investment and the economy Acts.
    • Approval / Implementation Commercial Banks Act.
    • Approval / Implementation of Trade, Insurance, corporate Acts.

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