HE Former President

Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Siilanyo)

We hold you in high esteem for your background in liberating the Republic of Somaliland and your dedication in creating sustainable projects that are the backbone of our nascent nation.

Mr. Former President, you would be remembered in the Somaliland as well as the Horn of Africa history to be the first presidential candidate who lost the election by a mere 80 votes and happily accepted that outcome without contest. Mr. Former President, the members of this movement named ‘Somaliland First’ have worked tirelessly to carefully put together these crucial reforms to help move the future of our nation in the right direction. Mr. Former President, we humbly ask you to consider helping these reforms that are in the best interest for our nation and its citizens. The most important idea behind these proposals is to facilitate and advance forward the case of Somaliland to the wider world:

  • ·Speeding the Recognition of The Republic of Somaliland as a country by  the international community.
  • ·Uniting the citizens of this great nation to act proactively  in the development of country.
  • ·Branding the Republic of Somaliland to be a modal nation serving  its citizens first and foremost.
  • Leveling the field for the citizens of this great nation to receive equal justice, peace, and prosperity.

Mr. Former President, the ‘Somaliland First’ movement is made up of citizens and intellectuals living within the Republic of Somaliland and concerned Diaspora members. The overall members of this movement would like to see these reforms and proposals got implemented very soon..

For this reason, Mr. Former President, since your term ended with peaceful power transfer, ‘Somaliland First” advocates would be greatly honored if you support and stand behind realizing these fundamental principles of Somaliland First.

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